Any interesting finding based on just IP?

I am doing research for couple of IP address. I have collected all the usual artifacts whois, geo, dns, reverse dns, reputation, hosted domains etc. I want to capture more information. Have you guy come across interesting cases where you were able to find something which is not common knowledge? Any new technique perhaps? If yes please share! and also any tool/service that provides new insights?
For me TIL was is too hyped and indexes very few assets as compared to other similar service. I knew about Fofa but haven’t tried it that much then today Shodan failed and I gave it a try. Fofa is gold mine for IP/domains

Firstly, I would look to see if the IP has been in any breaches. You can do this by searching Dehashed or Intelx. This might lead you to some relevant creds.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

I searched for my ip at home and came up with something in russia.