Anyone here done a vulnerablity management program before? like for a project?

Hi Criminal IP forum!
Does anyone here have done a vulnerability management program before? like for a project?
I’m planning to create like that. Is that a good decision or maybe like a honeypot? If you guys in Criminal IP forum heres have any good idea for my final year, please share it. I’m more interested in cloud sec, blockchain sec, pentesting and forensic.


I don’t think the shotgun approach of “everything is good” works for a project, maybe you should figure out what you want to focus on

yeah noh, but I just love to hear you guys’ ideas and suggestions on this, anyway, thanks for replying

if you want people’s ideas, narrow it down first

okay this is my idea, idk, actually few ideas got in my head
first thing, i decided to make like a vulnerability assement product which you know helps to business, but found that
second thing I came across is honeypot, you know setting a vm in azure and lures hackers into it.
but thats also too common, my project supervisor is very strict, he want something unique and beneficial for others.
so I came up to third decision, which is block chain security, completely new field to me, since the local gov here announced that they will bring the cabinet approval to bring the blockchain into the country.
I thought something related to block chain security may be a good idea, I’m struggling to find resources like what kinds of problems may rise when gov faces this new technology.
so block chain security might be a good thing, im planning to discuss with supervior this weekend again. hopefully he will accept the idea but in case you know its better to keep a backup idea

so that’s y im asking here, im ran out of mind, and my fingers feel numb lol. but basically I have interests in cloud, network, IOT, pentesting, forensic and now this new interest blockchain. i hope this helps what I’m asking for haha

sorry but your english is terrible, I can’t understand what you say