Apple emergency update fixes zero-day used to hack Macs, Watches

Apple has released security updates to address a zero-day vulnerability that threat actors can exploit in attacks targeting Macs and Apple Watch devices.
The list of impacted devices includes Apple Watch Series 3 or late, Macs running macOS Big Sur, Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 4K (2nd generation), and Apple TV HD. Although this zero-day was most probably only used in targeted attacks, it’s still strongly advised to install today’s macOS and watchOS security updates as soon as possible to block attack attempts.

About the security content of macOS Monterey 12.3.1 - Apple Support

If those patches are fresh, expect the internet to be light on details until there’s been time to patch

Hi dear community, I need to learn MacOS security and eventually pentest the MacOS in my house. I would like to have some resources to get me started on learning MacOS. I’ll appreciate if you guys share!

Patrick Wardles Objective See blog is a gold mine of articles on reverse engineering of mac malware and really good insight into how the modern macOS works under the hood. He also provides free mac security software for detecting and stopping persistent software, an outbound firewall, cam and mic usage indicator etc. Objective-See: Blog

He’s also releasing a book next month on analyzing mac malware


This might be a good starting point. It goes into great detai

Patrick Wardle has a class a book in pre-release

Is that the wrong link? It’s dated 3/31/22 and only talks about Monterey.