Can someone inject Malware in p2p network (exp. torrent)?

I am not much into hacking, but i am curious.


There are two ways to interpret your question, so I‘ll answer them both.

Is it possible to inject malicious code (like malware) into a clean torrent?

No, because the whole process is secured with hashes. A maliciously changed or „infected“ block would be identifiable right away.

Is it possible to transmit malware-infected software over a torrent?

Of course. And unless you are sure that the creator of the torrent file is trustworthy, every torrent may be viewed as infected with malware. But this also applies to every other transmission technology, not only torrents.

Just in a .torrent file, unlikely.

Most malware and bot ppl are infecting zip files or cracked software and games and then people just download them and infect themselves that way.

A scenario thats been a thing since the Limewire/KaZaa days and even before then in the warez scene.

Some people also scan IPs from people seeding/downloading and can attempt to brute force their way in as well.

Just curious if someone downloaded infected zip file, what data can hacker grab from system. Like he will be able to extract just from hardware or more?

P.S: I’m newbie.

I’m not too far into this, but if the user unzips the file and executes the program, you can get access to literally anything that the computer has available. For all I know you could disable their monitors and set up a remote desktop that streams their computer to you so you can do what you wish with it. Or you could just brick their computer

P.S: I’m also not very good at this too, I’m trying to get a laptop so I can start doing more stuff, but this is my understanding as of now.

i’d assume the tracker would give the client a hash