Conti ransomware targeted Intel firmware for stealthy attacks

Researchers analyzing the leaked chats of the notorious Conti ransomware operation have discovered that teams inside the Russian cybercrime group were actively developing firmware hacks.

Here. We. Go.

And to thinks a lot of peoplke don’t know of this attack vector or dismiss it because “it’s hard to do.”

It’s hard to detect and mitigate. Like supply chain vulnerability it’s easier to ignore

I’ve never heard of Conti. Anything else about it?

The U.S DoD is offering a $10 million bounty for information on the Conti ransomware gang. As it stands right now, they’re currently the most sought-after cyber criminals in the world if I’m not mistaken.

According to OP’s article, Conti is supposedly no longer operational and split off into other preexisting organized cyber criminal groups.