CVE-2022-1388 search query


While checking for new vulnerability “CVE-2022-1388” the result doesn’t match in shodan:

ex: http.title:" BIG-IP®- Redirect"

whenever using several queries, there is no result, only showing as below:


thanks for advice.

lots and lots of scanning for this now, including some destructive “rm -rf” attacks.

Hello, thanks for your report. You can search in the following way.

There are parts that have not yet been applied with multiple filters, which caused inconvenience when searching. Regarding the use of filters, please refer to the filter guide page below.

The Current inconvenience will be handled on the next patch. Thanks.

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Thanks admin, and is there a easy way to save result in vuln.txt from command-cli ?

Hello. A function that extract vulnerabilities as a file and provide is not yed provided. If you need the data, I’ll recommend you to parse it directly using the API and save it as a file. We will add that feature soon. Thanks for your valuable comments. Sincerely.

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