DDoS Attacks on Operational Technology

Hi guys, Sorry if this is not a good place for this question but I was wondering if you could recommend me some literature, articles and stuff like that regarding DDOS attacks on OT( Operational Technology)? I have to write a paper about that topic but can’t find any information about it.


There are plenty of articles and advisories on the subject. Try searching for DDoS and ICS or critical infrastructure. MITRE ATT&CK for ICS will also give you some pointers.

DDoS on OT devices? Hell, some of the kit out there you look at it funny and it gives up the magic smoke.

In all seriousness, there are some papers I can remember in the past 10 years published out of the IEEE that had good information on this topic. Also, take a look at anything published by the teams at Dragos, they’ve got some good items there as well.