Exclusive: Lithuania under cyber-attack after the ban on Russian railway goods

Cyber Spetsnaz is targeting government resources and critical infrastructure in Lithuania after the ban of Russian railway goods. The group has announced multiple targets for coordinated DDoS attacks


It kinda feels like attacking the infrastructure of another country could and should be considered an act of war.

If a dam is destroyed by missiles or by software sabotage makes little difference to the people affected.

Cyber attacks are considered an act of aggression by NATO, they’ve publicly stated they could trigger Article 5

They haven’t established clear guidelines and thresholds tho, so it’s all a bit murky as to what it would take for the alliance to actually act and Putin knows it.

Yes, exactly it should be an act of war. They probably know Lithuania can’t do much about it or to them, so it’s an easy target.

Stay strong Lithuania

‘Cyber Spetsnaz’, bruh they are just state hackers.