Finding IP cameras near a location

I want to write a script to find IP cameras within a specific radius, e.g. within 2 miles of a specific location. How feasible is this in urban areas, and what API’s would be most helpful?
Can this Criminal IP API peform a series of tasks like what i said?

The biggest difficulty in this won’t be finding candidate streams, but confidently geolocating them. IP addresses vary wildly in how confidently they can be located without extra info. Some are accurate down to some number of city blocks, most are ‘such and such town, probably’, while some like mobile networks are state or country level.

I haven’t used the API but you should look at Shodan. But, in this criminal ip search box maybe we can conduct the search through asset search feature or image search feature.

But, is this quite a legal? I assumed that this is why shodan called the scariest search engine in the world :slight_smile: :joy: