Hello, please tell me how to monitor someone with a cell phone

how to spy on somebody is phone remotely? it’s kind of serious problem to me

you need remote administration tool RAT software and a little networking skills

I only know TCP/IP OSI and there layers

why are you gonna do that?

It’s kind of hard to say because it’s personal.

Ur girlfriend is cheating on you err :joy:

Rat sucks. Use pwncat and Kali metasploit or python exploits, or fuzz until you binary exploit (BoF)
And Neetcat is an excellent reverse handler very sneaky. Use bind_tcp instead reverse. So you don’t have to expose your ip. Most Networks have upnp misconfigured.

Let’s assume you’re a criminal: if you host a rat, and you do port forward in your router to reverse your victims back, that’s dumb. Your ip is exposed. You need to use vpn and bind (open the upnp victim side). Or the other method is, hack any vulnerable rdp in shodan and host your rat there. Educational purposes only

portforwarding can be done with third parties tools (portmap ngrok etc) even if not, doing a hack from ur own network is dumb by itself

lets come back in to reality… target its girlfriend :rofl:

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