How can i get the smtp's credentials?


Is it possible to send emails from a hacked website or server? How can i get the smtp’s credentials?
If anyone here can help maybe using nmap or something, I’ll really appreciate it.

If you are the root, you can do anything.

You may need to learn commands use zenmap in windows.

I attended a seminar and they taught us jabt duckduckgo… what are hr views abt that?

You can map nmap it explains each and every configuration clearly.

nmap -v  -d -sT(TCP) -sU -A <Target ip>
Aggressive scanning 
nmap -v  -d -p (port number) --script="default" <Target ip>
Script scanning

Use above commands on your own risk. we are not responsible.

Bruteforce. and not unless smtp allows open relay. But with root, u can wreak much more havoc like installing trusted system certs. Or even backing uo entire android disk part.