How do I gain access to my IP camera?

I have a Kasa/TP-Link EC60 camera, which is only accessible via the Kasa app. No native web interface, and I’m unable to connect when I navigate to the network IP address. A scan of the camera with Fing shows no open ports.

I want to be able to share a stream of this camera because we have an amazing view and corvid visitors, but I haven’t found anything via Google about how to do so. Is it possible? Is it a terrible idea?

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It’s common for IOT devices to have service Backdoors or just bad vulnerabilities in their code.
You have two options if looking to hack into it. One is to look open source for vulnerabilities in the camera make or model, then try and run them against the camera. The other option is test it for yourself. Weak or default passwords on telnet/ssh could be possible. Or you can try finding/dumping the firmware to hack it from a hardware perspective.

However, as no ports are open and it’s done through this app I suppose the camera streams to a server and when you use the app you’re viewing the stream.

I will investigate and look further into these, thank you! :slight_smile:

Try tinycam Android app, there’s a free one and a pro version. If it detects your camera, the app comes with a webserver that you can use to display via your web browser

If it works for you and you want to do it more on a Linux PC, I’ve also installed it in genymotion (virtual box x86 Android) and if you tweak the vm’s network to be bridged instead of nat you can expose it to your home network

Thank you! I will look into this. :slight_smile:

Just hook it into a dumb switch to see what it is sending. Sounds like it’s still plain text certificates for the encryption so you can just mimic that. However they claim they have some API for 3rd party apps as well as IFTTT which may be able to start the stream to your pc.

Seems like there are already several Camera Control tools released by TP-Link & 3rd parties that claim to be setup to do this for your camera but TP-Link also claims that your camera has a web interface like the NC200 so YMMV. If that web interface does exist for the EC60 just login and open the stream by itself another tab to restream from.

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This looks awesome and I will check it out! As far as I can tell, the EC60 doesn’t have a web interface, though other TP-Link cameras do. It’s be very helpful if it did! I’ll investigate. :slight_smile: