How Do I Speed Up Nmap

Hi there! I’ve been posted a same topic a couple of days ago. I am trying to use Nmap in the Telenet section.
When it tells me to scan ports the scan was taking a long time. I googled about it and people said that it could take up to 50 minutes. If all of my scans even take 30 minutes, it will take me forever. Could someone tell me how I can speed things up? Thanks.

use nmap -T5

yes, use nmap -T5 --retries 1500. The nmap man page will explain more about what the retries argument does.

forgot where I picked up on it but I use this for most rooms now. Its a multithreaded portscanner. It scans and then suggests a Nmap scan to run afterwards, for specifically the ports it found. It takes usually much as like 2min to run from 0 to 65535. It’s noisy as hell, but it gets the quick and dirty scan done fast.

How’s it different from RustScan? (Has its own room on THM)

rustscan might help

I’ve heard both of them nice, but I never ever able to run them successfully as it always goes to weird problem, like threader3000 will recommend an illegal NMap command after the scan, or rustscan always fail and asking for lower all the things with options. Not sure if it is because I run them in VM