How to know if your VPN is saving logs or not? this is serious to me by all means

Hello, everyone. This is critical for me to know. I know that your VPN service provider can spy on you by saving logs. Is there any possible way to know this?


Others will have more wisdom, but two quick thoughts.

  • One: just please know, they all have logs. They have to in order to operate. But whether they’re kept beyond what is functionally required is the question.
  • Two: the best litmus test would be to investigate how they’ve responded to authorities in previous instances.

If you really need to ensure no log, the best way to do that is to deploy your own VPN server on aws/azure/whatever cloud provider you have access to.

Use algovpn to do that

So while you can’t know (because as unlikely as it is, they could have changed their entire infrastructure in the last 10mins) but you can do a lot better than just assuming they log. Firstly look at what they say, note what they say about logs, it’s unlikely that they’re lying to you, however, this is the most basic check you can do. Here are the next steps:

  1. Look for a warrant canary, they’re legal and afaik in most countries they can’t legally enforce any action against them.
  2. Look for past incidents of breaches or hacks and what information was exposed (Nord is a good example of a provider that was “hacked” and it was verified that they didn’t keep logs)
  3. Look for any external audits done by third party companies and what they show
  4. Look for a response to legal documents, information requests and subpeonas.

People love to say that all VPN’s keep logs and shit on the more reputable ones like PIA or Nord because it makes them feel like they’re going against the mainstream. They don’t understand what they’re talking about and will often misrepresent information to fit their opinions. If you look for those 4 things then you’ll be 99% sure that they’re not keeping logs.

In my case for Nord the hack/legal requests came up with nothing, they detail exactly what they keep and the warrant canary has listed exactly what they’ve done in response to information year-on-year.

There are plenty of good providers other than Nord, it’s just one of the best and the one that I personally use. I’m welcome to any discussion on it from anyone. Best of luck

As a professional (Senior System Administrator for a major corporation, though not a VPN provider). You have no way of knowing. There is no way you can verify any claim about logging they might make.

Just assume they are logging. At the very least they will log your connection info, e.g. what sites you visited. It’s not necessarily for nefarious reasons. Logs are useful to help isolate problems when they occur, but the logs will exist for some period of time (which varies wildly).

I know PureVPN, IPvanish, EarthVPN, HideMyAss, Betternet, UFO, Proton, Seven, FastVPN, Rabbit, and bunch more have all turned over logs to Law Enforcement while advertising no logging policies.

Someone should start a searchable database of which VPN providers have been caught, and which have held up in court.