How to know who pinged me?

I’m using Window OS 10 and VM Kali Linux. I would like to know who pinged me? Do I need a tool for it or just use some command? Thanks for all answer!


Wireshark should be able to show pings whilst running …

this is true

Extreme true

You can use tcpdump.
tcpdump -v -i eth0 icmp
Replace eth0 by your network interfaces.

You need to clarify what you mean by “who” and “me”.
Does “me” mean Windows machine? Your Kali machine? Your Internet facing router? Something else?
Does “who” mean a source IP? A specific machine? A specific person? A person’s physical address? A person’s general location? Something else?

Unclear from the post if this is the case, but if your ROUTER was pinged from the internet, the clients behind it on the local network will not have any info about what happened.

In this case you would need to check the router’s logs for its WAN interface, if there are any such logs available.

Lol that’s true! I did not think of that.

It is an essential tool in ethical hacking, and other of course. If you have Kali then you have wire shark I would assume. There is a bit of a learning curve to using it and filtering traffic but underscores that all of this takes work.

router/firewall logs