I'm having trouble with Proxychains, would this be an appropriate place to ask for help?

So I’m following Network Chuck’s Proxychains tutorial. I’ve got tor installed and (i think) the service running. In my proxychains.conf as I’ve been told, use a socks4/socks5 IP of with a port of 9050. But then, it asks me to add more proxies. But no matter the source of the proxy, I either get denied or timed out

Haven’t seen that tutorial, but why the legacy telnet that is almost never used and not something that uses a port that Google likely has open, like 443? If you use something like Shodan, you will find the ports exposed to internet on a given stie. Maybe by Criminal IP it seems possible to find the ports exposed as well as Shodan

eh i just hit telnet to communicate, he did it in the tut so I did same thing happens when i launch a browser with proxcychains as well.

Think I need to see the tutorial before I can give a more adequate answer, I’m afraid.

it’s all good! Granted, it’s a year old so God knows what could have changed : learning hacking? DON'T make this mistake!! (hide yourself with Kali Linux and ProxyChains) - YouTube

oof… I’m not sure this person is the best educator on this topic. The things he says in the first few minutes really throws me off. Can I ask what you’re trying to achieve?

honestly, just learning at this point. No real objective other than to just make it work. for this specifically, I’m more interested in cyber-security concepts like Dorking or (authorized) pentesting. I understand that this is OSINT, but I also know the two go hand-in-hand which is why I asked here lol

Personally, I use a combination of Domaintools, VirusTotal and Shodan for enrichment in my work, being fortunate enough to have enterprise licenses. And, if the data from Criminal IP is enough well, I’ll add this in my combination.