Indonesia CCTV DVR

Indonesia CCTV DVR.


Isn’t this illegal?

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No problem, Indonesia is open source country, you can get our ID number freely in the internet without need hacking skill.


Open-source COUNTRY :rofl:

hahahhhhhhh :rofl:

that’s not hack, they use Open Source…

no problem sir, Indonesia has always been an open source country, all information can be accessed freely, if there is a problem just block the provider - KOMINFO

Haha, let me recall a ridiculous experience, that happened when I help my friend set up a surveillance system, I ask change default password, he think that is too complicated so I decide to remember his NVR public IP to make trick, but when I enter ip and password that display unexpected screen, that mean I remember wrong ip and login to another people’s NVR system…

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lol, we call it open source bro :grinning: