Interesting filter on CIP

When I use Asset search, I found -${filter} on ETC filter
filter img

I’m not sure, Shodan has exclusion filter. I don’t know how to use it, so I had inconvenience experience when searching on Shodan.

Using ‘port:80’ CIP returned 82,436,410 results

Using ‘port:80 -country: US’ CIP returned 49,188,691 results

exactly, US IP’s data don’t returned. I think this filter is nice. But I don’t know exclusion filter applied all filters.

Please let me know if there is a filter that can’t be applied. Thanks

Yes, you can exclude results by prepending a “-” to the search filter:

thingy -country:"US"

You can also search for multiple values at the same time:

thingy country:US,DE,CH

Here are some more example queries:

Shodan also support exlude filters. For example, this is how you would search for SSH running on any port that’s not within the first 1024 ports:

ssh -port:<=1024  

Oh thanks for nice information