Need advice on Home Firewalls

What are your favorite small-end firewalls and why?

Are there any features or capabilities that you were particularly impressed with?

Any lessons learned that can be shared from your experience?

Have a peek at Firewalla, all based on Linux very robust, I’ve had OpenWRT, pfsense, and then finally landed with this!

Firewalla is actually what I am leaning towards but I wanted to get some other opinions. Was there anything in particular about Firewalla that made you choose it over the other firewalls you’ve tried?

fyi unless you pay for the more expensive versions it just uses ARP poisoning to reroute your traffic through the Firewalla, which is kind of janky and easy to bypass.

Something you can also look at is a service like NextDNS to do Firewalla type web filtering.

That’s a good point that I overlooked. I guess I was intending to find something I can use as a transparent firewall in between my router and my ISP. I’m not sure that Firewalla even offers that capability.

Here is how the different offerings intercept, and yes transparent is an option.

Palo Alto has a low end VM license and their stuff is awesome but pricey to get all the subscriptions.

Sophos XG has a home use license and it’s pretty good. Has built in URL filtering which is a step above what most of the open source ones provide.

I’ve always liked PA. They’re probably one of the best firewalls I’ve ever used. But you’re right about their price point. It might take a small fortune to keep them operational at home…

You can ask your employer to purchase you a lab unit. (Physical or Virtual) Very reasonable prices and much cheaper than a production license. It saves on yearly refresher courses too.

PfSense on a Dell i5, 16GB ram, 120GB SSD, desktop with two Intel Pro/1000 NICs. I run loads of packages like pfblockerng and snort for additional features. There doesn’t seem to be anything this setup cannot do and other than the two NICs it was free since I had the hardware lying around.

People seem to love pfsense! I better spin up a vm and check it out. Thanks!

I used OPNsense/pfsense for many years, but eventually switch to untangle and been using it for about 2 years and its been super awesome!!!

Untangle? I’ve not heard of them. I’ll look into what they offer. Thanks! you should give it a try on a vm or something, i think it is awesome!