Question about Nmap external networks

Hello forums I’m kinda new to nmap, I use kali os. My question is is there a way to scan other networks besides my local network?

For example I live in A country and I want scan networks in other countries.

Where to start and how to acquire these network?

Thanks in advance.


You can’t scan networks if you don’t have permission. Yes it’s possible, but illegal. Don’t do it.

Maybe in certain countries. But not outright illegal everywhere. Check out the 2022 amendment to the CFAA. Good-faith security research is protected. Simply scanning external networks falls under good-faith security research as there is no exploitation involved. And even if there was, you could still claim good-faith if you alert the owner of the network and not use the exploit for malicious purposes.

Yes you can , first you have to recognize the net work you want to attack, first you have look for the IP because Nmap works whit ip addresses , ping the DNS FROM THE NETWORK and it will return a IP address , this doesn’t mean that tha it’s the original IP address from the place it could work whit a third party company first you have to see if it’s a up server then type this

Nmap -sT -sS ( IP address )

Then use that info to look if it’s a aaa place

And if you have doubt


Nmap -h

Always remember that back ends and front ends always leave port 80 and port 444 open

That would be port 443 (https traffic)

That nmap command makes no sense. That would try and run a full tcp connect (-sT) and also a half open syn connect (-sS) . Complete nonsense.

Do you know what a network is?

What you’re doing is probably illegal. And you clearly don’t know enough to be doing it in the first place.