Question about nmap network scanning

Howdy people,

I am pretty new to cyber security, and i am really intrested in networks, i’ve heard everyone recommend nmap for finding vurnabilities, but i cant get it to work, if someone could link me a newbie-friendly tutorial, i would appriciate it

You shouldn’t even be worrying about nmap right now. Your trying to run and you haven’t even learned to walk or crawl yet. You need to learn networking. That’s like trying to learn how to be a firearm instructor and you know nothing about guns. Take Networking 101 and go from there. Cybersecurity will come up I promise

nmap can do this and is open source. you can use a list scan (-iL flag) for smaller numbers of hosts to be sure it doesn’t go crazy. the -O flag will JUST grab OS info. For “antivirus” you’d need a port number to scan or to use an nmap script (not gonna check beyond a cursory search if there’s an NSE script – did not see one )

Maybe try pre security first? That’s supposed to be before complete beginner. Yes I know it doesn’t make sense.

Also what I did when I first started out….

  • if the walkthrough said use nmap -sV -p- -oN or something rather than just popping that in I’d google or look at help to see what those did
  • one of the biggest things for me was not following the tutorials exactly. Say it says do this certain scan. Don’t just do that. Do a few scans. See what’s different. These boxes are also for you to play around. Try things
  • make a cheatsheet as you go. This is probably the most important
  • try to solve without immediately going to google or the walkthrough

Even then some rooms are just hard. For example the madness room. It’s marked easy but wow. That one was tricky.

Thanks! it was helpful