Recon for IoT devices

Hello guys.
I jut wanted to know the method of recon for IoT devices. Any resources or any ideas?
I am totally new to this topic.
I hope this is not a dumb question. Thanks.

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shodan, criminalip, censys

Yes you can. and this is only an exmaple. Target the softwares embeded in those devices.

Imagine a connected camera that runs a little daemon server, get the source code of that. Tiny program or reverse it and try to find falws in it to gain accedd to the device.
I don’t know much about attacking hardware part so I cant hlp you in this :thinking:

ok…like what would be the methodology of recon…like what tools can be used and what things we should look for while doing recon on IOT device?

You can get a lot of juicy resources by googling : iot hacking filetype:pdf
The 1st result gives an overview on how you should approach an IoT device. It’s not very detailled but it gives you some generic keys :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot… i will look further :+1: