Subdomain pointed to github domain in DNS but it gives 404, any reason?

In regard of web cracking, A subdomain pointed to github domain in DNS records. But the subdomain gives 404 does not exist.
I have gone to create a custom domain with that so as to take over, but github throwing error CNAME already exists.
Then If a CNAME record already exists why it is throwing 404?? Any other reasons?

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404 response means that domain exists but it has no content to serve you. In your case, that domain is present but doesn’t have a index.html/php file.

If nothing is there 404 “File Not Found”
If no CNAME then 404 “There isn’t GitHub pages site here”
I think so, difference is there in that scenario??

Uhm, It looks like github sends 404 to all invalid requests because I have came across a subdomain pointing to a github pages but it was 404 and account with that username was present.
Check if there is an account present with the name mentioned in the cname

Okay… it proved that already acoount exist! :disappointed_relieved: