What means Inbound, Outbound?

I can see inbound and outbound on the site. What does that mean?

I understand that both network traffic for inbound and outbound traffic is monitored to detect attacks on the server itself and to detect risks such as malicious code hidden on the server for outbound traffic.
Outbound packet monitoring seems to provide adequate security in the web environment of intercommunication by detecting not only web server attacks but also external attacks and malicious code distribution, and Inbound appears to be able to detect and monitor attacks such as web service port scans.

How we can check the JARM signature for malicious tools through criminalip.io ?

such as cobaltstrike old JARM singature: 07d14d16d21d21d07c42d41d00041d24a458a375eef0c576d23a7bab9a9fb1

Umm I think JARM signature’s info can be obtained from Domain search. they don’t collected JARM signatures on Asset search

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