Where do you get the information about cybersecurity, infosec?

Hi criminal ip! I have a question : where do you get the news about cybersecurity?

Please recommend me cool influencer you guys following.(youtuber, blogger, twitter etc…) Thanks!

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The cyber mentor is good on YouTube. Great place to get started.

Twitter. All cybersecurity professionals are on there. It might be a shit platform, but it’s really good if you use it for cybersecurity.

Security Now! Podcast by Steve Gibson

Daniel Miessler and his newsletter

I tend to stay off of most social media for health reasons, so I don’t know any influencers. Blogs and news is another story. Bruce Schneier’s blog is great and usually centered on encryption and laws. Brian Krebs mostly blogs about scammers and ransomware. Troy Hunt (the guy behind HaveIBeenPwned) does weekly podcasts about security news. If you are short on time, SANS’ internet storm center stormcast is a 3-7 minute podcast of the most important stories. Bleeping Computer is a good source for more general security news. I know there are more, but I’m too lazy to log into my RSS reader and pull the list right now.

John Hammond is a cool guy to follow.