Why am i getting this kali error?

why am i getting this error?
anybody can help?


is your kali box connected to the internet? also check your DNS settings

is this a virtual machine? and why are you in root?

Try just apt update

Yes it is a VM

not wokring bro?

edit /etc/resolv.conf

It’s DNS. It’s ‘always’ DNS. check your /etc/resolv.conf file and set appropriate nameserver there. Btw, apt or apt-get does not matter really, they both work fine. It is recommended for average users to use apt, since it is less complex and higher level, but there is nothing wrong with apt-get :slight_smile:

the main difference is that apt does not have a stable abi (though they do try to not break it), so it shouldn’t be used in scripts, if you’re calling things in scripts you should use apt-get you can see a warning when you do something like apt search nuclei | grep installed it will throw a warning that apt does not have a stable cli interface

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Thanks for that explanation. It will be useful for all, since I was too lazy to go into details, haha. OP was just running an update, and I was referring to that context. I remember studying those differences because there was this gossip flying all over the internet few years ago, that apt-get got deprecated, what is simply not truth. I think that this is great that they simplified things for casual users, but on the other hand, using apt-get or apt-cache is not wrong :slight_smile: